Who We Are New Image Nate.jpg

Executive Director

Nathan is the resident go-to-man. He kicks butt while
taking down names. He leads, pastors, shreds, leads worship better than most can dream of. 

Who We Are New Image Sarah.jpg


Sarah makes sure that the day to day options are getting done. Organization may actually be her middle name. And she is Nathan's wife. They rule.

Who We Are New Image Amber.jpg

Office manager

Amber is Sk8 Church's Office Manager. She makes everyone at Sk8 Church's day a little bit brighter. Amber helps to oversee all of Sk8 Church's needs. Sk8 Church is actually where the phrase "the Amber-of-all-trades" started.

Who We Are New Image Apple.jpg

Trevor "APPLE" mekelburg
middle school director

Apple leads our middle schoolers better than everyone else, and their mom. Not only does Apple lead our middle school program, he also shreds like none other. He is also nicknamed after the world's most popular fruit*. He also knows everyone in Steamboat Springs, and I am fairly certain that they are close friends.

*Not 100% sure this is correct.



We also have an incredible board that helps make the big-picture of Sk8 Church a reality.
They provide accountability, support, and insight to many various aspects of the day-to-day,

month-to-month, and year-to-year items. Our board is comprised of strong leaders in our local community. If you see Sara Cobb, Kona Ward, and Leilani Brooks around town (or at Sk8 Church) give them a hug or a high-five, and thank them for all that they do for Sk8 Church.