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After being in Skateboard ministry, traveling the world for over 10 years, I have never seen a place like Sk8 Church. We are a steady and reliable resource to find hope, love, and acceptance no matter what your mistakes or background might be. We will always seek to be a resource in our community to help those in need and share the love of Jesus through our actions. Our mission is to ‘see lives changed’ and that will always stay the same.”
— Nathan Bartels, Executive Director


Since the founding of Sk8 Church, by Buck and Tara Chavarria in 2005, the vision to meet people where they are at has not changed. We believe that meeting physical needs as well as spiritual needs is required to see lives changed. Through the many programs we offer we have become a resource able to meet the diverse needs of this community. Yampa Valley faces an on-going battle with drug abuse, suicide, and depression among our youth. Sk8 Church is a safe and sober environment for anyone regardless of background, religion, race, or gender. We exist to be a place where people can come find help, love, and life no matter what they are walking through.

Wherever you’re at, whatever you’re going through, Sk8 Church is a place to find hope. As a faith based non-profit, we believe true hope, true life, and true love are found only in Jesus Christ. Every staff member has experienced this hope, life, and love, and we would be happy to share our story with you anytime. 

Sk8 Church is the only indoor skatepark in all of Yampa Valley. We offer free skateboarding Monday-Friday from 2-6pm and Friday nights from 6-10pm. Check out our programs to find more times we are open to come skate, eat, and chill.

Most photography provided by Bodhi Harrison.


We have created a safe, sober place where kids can go be themselves and not be judged. They can hear the gospel and have a place where they can connect with other people that love them. That’s always been the goal, and it’s still rocking.
— Buck Chavarria, Sk8 Church Founder